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Bio Ethanol

Ethanol can be produced from either from bio mass by fermentation process or by petrochemical process. When it is produced from Biomass, it is referred as Bioethanol. Bio ethanol is one of the principle bio fuel widely being used as alternative fuel to gasoline, blending with gasoline and also in some pharma industry applications (Pharma grade ethanol).

Bio Ethanol is majorly produced from the feed stocks sugarcane molasses,sugar,food grains, algae and other biomass. Based on the feed stocks used Bio ethanol is categorized as

  • First Generation (1G) >> produced from food crops viz sugar, corn, food grains, etc
  • Second Generation (2G) >> produced from waste biomass
  • Third Generation (3G) >> Produced from Algae, Fungi etc

AMFLIND provides a complete range of solutions/services for 1G Bio Ethanol plants and has complete know-how of various processes of plants. Modern technologies will be used for Fermentation, Distillation, Dehydration, and Wastewater treatment with emphasis on energy saving, reducing wastewater. With our strong technical expertise, we can offer complete concept to commissioning and after-sales project services for 1G Ethanol Plants